29-f-USA I love wrestling I have since I was a kid. Chris Jericho is my favorite wrestler of all time! My Current favorite wrestlers are Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, John Cena,Jack Swagger,Triple H, The Rock,Fandango. I LOVE Brad Maddox! ( I met him once, it was glorious!) I love everything Wrestling related, I also enjoy Slash Fanfiction, you have been warned :)


Ask me some wrestling related asks for bored wrestling fans


1: Current male wrestler

2: Current female wrestler

3: All time male wrestler

4: All time female wrestler

5: Tag team

6: Match(es)

7: Ring gear

8: Pay per view

9: Entrance theme

10: Stable

11: Champion

12: Match type


13: Looking diva

14: Looking superstar

15: Technical wrestler

16: Gimmick

17: Championship design

18: Feud

19: Mic worker

20: Slogan/tag line

21: Wrestling video game you have played


22: Worst entrance theme

23: Worst gimmick

24: Which wrestler would you like to see make a return?

25: Do you follow any independent promotions?

26: One unpopular opinion of yours

27: Who do you consider underrated?

28: What about an over-rated wrestler?

29: Someone who you think would be great with some ring improvement?

30: You get to make your own stable. Who would it consist of? What is their name?

31: Who would you like to be in a tag team with?

32: Who would you like to be in a mixed tag team with?

33: Why do you love wrestling?

34: What/who first got you into wrestling?

35: Raw, Smackdown or NXT?

36: Were you devastated when Alberto Del Rio hit Santa with his car in 2012?

37: If you were on the original NXT who would you choose as your pro?

38: Have you ever considered becoming a professional wrestler?

39: What is your best wrestling related memory?

40: Do you watch wrestling by yourself or with others?

Please do it. Please


I don’t like Eva Marie but the fans that made her cry are assholes, end of discussion. 

Wearing my Zack Ryder shirt to the gym in honor of his win last night..LOL

Wearing my Zack Ryder shirt to the gym in honor of his win last night..LOL

Ice cube- today was a good day